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EZ Tunnel Race Boat Plans
Page Eleven

Racing boats are traditionally finished clear on the bottom. Epoxy, spar varnish and polyurethane varnish are all possible choices for the bottom of a raceboat, with some limitations -- the varnishes are not recommended for areas that will remain wet for extended periods.

I finished the tunnel plank (and part of the tunnel sides) of my EZ Tunnel with epoxy. I knew part of the tunnel plank would rest on the wet, carpeted bunks of my trailer. Epoxy will endure, where varnish will deteriorate.

Two coats were adequate.

I finished the remainder of the bottom with spar varnish. Varnish is a bit more economical than epoxy, and is easier to sand smooth.

I applied three coats of varnish, and a fourth coat on the last four feet of the pads where I knew more sanding would be desired.

The cockpit can be finished with varnish, paint or epoxy. I used varnish.

I painted my boat with Rustoleum brand polyurethane paint, common at hardware stores.

Here the boat has been primed. I used latex primer.

For those of us without spray equipment, a good way to apply paint is the "roll and tip" method. Paint is rolled on with a foam roller, a couple of square feet at a time, then lightly brushed with the tip of a dry foam brush.

One coat of primer and two topcoats will do very nicely.

"Boogidy, boogidy, boogidy! Let's go racin', boys!" (D. Waltrip)

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