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Building the "Dillon Laker 14" Tunnelboat


The Laker 14 is a 14-foot tunnelboat designed for 3-cylinder and small 4-cylinder outboard motors up to about 80 hp.

The Laker 14 is not intended for racing and, built as designed, does not qualify for any racing class I know of. It is intended instead as a recreational tunnel boat sized to take advantage of a wide range of three-cylinder motors, many of which are quite inexpensive on the used market.

I will be powering my boat with a late-1970s, 70hp Mercury. I am expecting a 65 mph+ ride in this rig.

Length: 14' (4.27m)
Beam: 82" (2.08m)
Weight: ~350 lbs. (136kg)
Max. Power: 75-80 hp

Since this boat is not intended for racing, and I am working on it as time allows, I have decided to release the plans before my boat is completed and tested.

These plans are available NOW.

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