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Mark Beckwith & Dan Johnson build a Dillon Mini Vee

Here's a Mini Vee going together in record time. Mark bought his plans earlier this month (October, 2008).

Mark and Dan hope to build a second boat to go with this one.

"Were thinking of doing the Pro Vee next. We're trying to start a buzz about it."

"We need at least a couple to race each other."

Well, we're all for that around here. In the meantime we'll eagerly await more pics.

November: More progress on the Beckwith/Johnson Mini Vee. The motorboard and dashboard have been added.

Longitudinal bulkheads have been added to create flotation compartments. Mark reports that the flotation foam is on order.

Note also the curf-cut glue blocks on the transverse bulkheads. A clever idea, and a simple way to follow the curve of the deck.

Ready for some interior painting and then a deck.

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