Dillon Racing Build Your Own Raceboat
2009 Standings
Bob Dillon (Pro Vee)  1369
Megan Halver  863
Stephanie Hansen  779
Jeremy Johnson  747
Jeff Larson (Pro Tunnel)  661
Don Yuronich (Mini Tunnel)  525
Drake Halver (Mini Vee)  335
Brander Halver  198

Dillon Racing -- GT Pro
2009 Race Results

Pro Tunnel and Mini Tunnel

Champlin, MN, June 14

Eight boats came to race GT Pro in Champlin, the largest turnout for the class to date. Running ten lap heats on a shortened course, we really stirred up the water making for a rough ride on a nearly windless day. On one turn I half spun-out, which threw me against the side of the cockpit, splitting the coaming. A little Titebond and some clamps fixed it, but note to self: make this part of my boats stronger.

Jeremy Johnson showing real promise

Heat #1: I was lined up in the number two position, next to Stephanie Hansen on the pole. A good start put me in first place with Don Yuronich chasing in his Dillon Mini Tunnel.

Jeff Larson, in the Dillon Pro Tunnel was having trouble with his trim and lagging behind. Drake Halver, in the Dillon Mini Vee, got a bad start, so I quickly caught up with him but had a surprisingly tough time getting by him on the outside lane. At a couple of turns he sprayed me down but good -- the Mini Vee really turns on the firehose.

Pro Vee chasing Mini Tunnel

Jeremy Johnson's Racemaster showed marked improvement with the recent addition of a jackplate (from Dillon plans).

I hung on to win the heat.

Heat #2: Don Yuronich had the pole. I caught up with him at the commitment buoy and then battled him from the outside lane for several laps. Then he went a little wide of the buoy at turn two and I jumped into the opening to take the lead.

Jeff Larson, still hounded by trim problems, dropped out of the race.

After the race, Don made the mistake of taking his boat home without weighing, so his second place finish turned into a DQ.

Drake Halver side-by-side with cousin Megan Halver

Final results:

First: Bob Dillon
Second: Jeremy Johnson
Third: Stephanie Hansen
Fourth: Megan Halver
Fifth: Brander Halver
Sixth: Drake Halver
Seventh: Jeff Larson
Eighth: Don Yuronich (DQ)

Megan and Bob do battle

Detroit Lakes, MN, June 6-7

Saturday I drew the pole to start the 2009 racing season. My old "classmates" Megan Halver, Stephanie Hansen and Brander Halver were at my immediate right. Jeff Larson, in the brand new Dillon Pro Tunnel had the fifth position with two rookies to his right -- Jeremy Johnson in his father-in-law's (Merv Bjork) Racemaster, and Drake Halver in my new Mini Vee.

Pushed by a new Ron Hill cleaver, the Pro Vee jumped off the line and took up first place. But Megan and Stephanie were not far behind, and Jeff just behind them getting the Pro Tunnel figured out. As we caught up with the slower rookies, I was pleased to see fourteen-year-old Drake driving the Mini Vee (which is set up for Mini GT) aggressively in his first-ever race. Brander, unfortunately, had starter troubles and joined the race late.

Drake poses in the new Mini Vee

For heat number two, Jeff had the pole, and I had the number five position. The rookies were still at the end of the line. Jeff, with ten laps under his belt and a better understanding of his boat, jumped into a big lead. I came around the first bouy side-by-side with Stephanie, with Megan close behind in a tight battle for second place.

With a few laps down Jeff suddenly slowed and turned toward the beach. I had a bad feeling as I recognized the signs of a sinking boat. He turned out to have quite a hole in his left sponson. Early speculation was that he must have hit something, but the evidence seems to point to builder error. Ooops. There will be some changes made as the plans for the Pro Tunnel are developed.

The Dillon Pro Tunnel

Meanwhile, the race went on, and the battle was now for first place. Stephanie, Megan and I rounded the last bouy in tight formation and Stephanie edged me out by a pickle-fork.

Final Results:

First: Bob Dillon
Second: Stephanie Hansen
Third: Megan Halver
Fourth: Drake Halver (in a Mini Vee Mini GT!)
Fifth: Jeremy Johnson
Sixth: Jeff Larson (slight hull failure!)
Seventh: Brander Halver (starter troubles)

Despite the structural failure, the Pro Tunnel showed tremendous promise. In heat number two it leaped off the starting line and quickly ran away from everyone else. Jeff would have won the heat by a wide margin if his builder had done a better job last winter.

Builder error!!

But repairs will be made this week and he should be right back on the racecourse. Next stop, Champlin, MN, June 14.

Sunday the wind blew across the lake and wipped up such a chop that racing was scratched.