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Converting The Dillon Sport C to GT Pro
the "Dillon Sport GT"

I started construction of the Dillon Sport C in the fall of 2006, and first launched it in the summer of 2008. You can see how that build progressed HERE. Tests were disappointing, and prospects for success seemed bleak when I discovered the boat was 50-60 lbs. over minimum weight.

Instead of investing in a custom-tweaked propeller, with the distinct possibility that it would prove to be a waste of money, I made the decision to abandon the Sport C project and convert the hull to GT Pro.

Once I started testing the lighter, re-balanced boat for GT Pro, results were so promising that I realized it deserved another test with the Sport C motor. That test was very promising, and the conversion BACK to Sport C will come in the Spring of 2011.

You can see how the conversion to GT Pro was accomplished HERE.

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