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Designing the "Dillon Laker SC12" Tunnelboat

Building Project for Winter 2014-15: PLANS NOW AVAILABLE

This project started as a new Sport C boat for my own racing program. It is slightly longer than the Dillon Sport C, with a deeper and longer tunnel. The hull of the SC12 also is deeper in the stern than my previous boats. Greater hull volume in the stern will provide increased bouyancy leading to better holeshot off the starting line.

Length: 12.25' (3.68m)
Beam: 75.38" (1.88m)
Weight: ~250 lbs. (114kg)
Rec. Power: 40-60 hp

It occured to me that these same qualities also make the SC12 a good choice for some larger and somewhat heavier engines in the 150-180 lb. range. I'm thinking specifically of the 40 hp and 50 hp triples as well as the 45 cu. in. OMC twins, and even the SST 45 racing engine. The SC12 fills the gap between the Pro Tunnel (up to 35 hp) and the Laker 14 (60-80 hp).

With this in mind, I decided to release plans for the Laker SC12 before my own building project. As much as I would love to build an SC12 Sport C this spring and get it out on the water this summer, it is more likely that I will start building later in the year, with the expectation of rolling it out for the 2015 or 2016 racing season.

Stay tuned!


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