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Construction of the Dillon Pro Vee

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Finally, turned over. Realized I had forgotten to cut in some limbers, which allow water to drain out from under the deck. Had to drill them through at this point.

The framework is beveled, and I'm starting to fit the deck plywood.

The side decks are 1/4" plywood. The foredeck, however, is just too curvy -- too much camber, plus downward curve to the bow. Two layers of 1/8" are called for again. Here the first layer is tacked on, made up of scrap from the bottom planking.

The second layer is from a single sheet (except for a tiny piece at the bow), "tortured" into place -- plywood doesn't really want to bend in two planes.

Trimmed with a half-round oak molding. The dashboard is installed, and the front cowling is taking shape. Waiting for bearings to arrive to mount the steering shaft.

A slight change of course. I've abandoned the idea of a boat with restraints ("seat belts"): I just didn't like where that was going, design-wise. So, I cut down the bulkhead behind the seat, and re-cut the coaming, even added some plywood to the coaming to get a straight edge from the dash to the motorboard.

The motorboard is installed, the steering roughed in, and the front cowling is complete. A trim molding along the top edge of the coaming will complete the basic carpentry of the Pro Vee.

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