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Laker 14 Tunnel Boat Plans
Page Eleven
Steering ("Racing" Configuration)

Instead of the cable and steering-arm type of steering that I use on my racing boats, I decided to use a rotary Teleflex steering system for my Laker 14. However, I didn't install it in the conventional manner.

UPDATE: See below!

First, I mounted the helm on a bulkhead about 24" forward of the dashboard.

The cable is then routed through the starboard sponson (I have left the deck uninstalled at this point to make this possible).

Note the cutout in the bulkhead to make room for this cable. Two more bulkheads were similarly cut.

The cable is then routed back into the cockpit where it ends up on the port side coaming.

I will be connecting the Teleflex cable to a short steering arm on the port side of the motor. The exact nature of this connection is yet to be determined -- I'll have to wait until the boat is out of the shop and the motor installed.

The steering shaft is extended using 3/4" steel rod and a short length of 3/4" pipe as a coupler.

I will be using a longer rod than the one shown here. And, I will install a bearing in the dashboard.

REALITY BIGHTS: I ended up connecting the rotary steering cable to the motor in the conventional manner.

BUT, I didn't like the system at all. I've now switched to a drum and steering arm system. Much better!

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