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Sport C Tunnel Race Boat Plans
Page Seven

Laminate the motorboard from as many layers it takes achieve about 1.5" thickness. I used two pieces of 5/8" CDX construction plywood between two pieces of 5mm.

This is the rough size of the motorboard that I made for my Sport C. However...

... my motor, mounted on a jackplate, ended up much higher than the motorboard.

So, you may want to make yours higher than I made mine, and of course make your rough lamination taller.

The motorboard is tied to the coamings (in part) with 2.5-inch wide reinforcements which extend forward to the bulkhead behind the seat.

(This photo is from the Pro Tunnel. On the Sport C the motorboard will be right up against the aft face of the transom beam.)

The reinforcements are notched into the motorboard, and can end at the aft face of the board or extend to the aft edge of the coaming.

Cleats are installed behind the motorboard.

Add some cleats on the inside, plus a filler between the motorboard and the transom beam.

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