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Laker SC12 Tunnel Race Boat Plans
Page Seven

Laminate the motorboard from as many layers it takes achieve about 1.5" thickness. I used two pieces of 5/8" CDX construction plywood between two pieces of 5mm plywood.

The motorboard is tied to the coamings (in part) with 2.5-inch wide reinforcements which extend forward to the bulkhead behind the seat.

The reinforcements are notched into the motorboard, and can end at the aft face of the board or extend to the aft edge of the coaming.

Cleats are installed behind the motorboard.

A filler strip is added to fill the space between the motorboard and the ends of the tunnel stringers.

Note that the half-cove limbers cut earlier will allow water to flow laterally, exiting the cockpit on its way to the sponsons. I trimmed away the ends of the filler strip to avoid blocking the limber through the coaming..

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