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Construction of the Dillon Pro Vee

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Step One: cutting out the bulkheads. I used AC grade plywood from the lumberyard for these pieces -- a fraction of the price and perfectly suitable for this application.

A dry setup just to get a general look at things. The coamings are okoume marine plywood, as will be all the exterior planking.

Two layers of 3/8" ply form the "keel." The edges will be beveled to match the slope of the bulkheads.

Bulkhead #1 and the stem permanently installed, and some temporary bracing to hold things square.

Sheer clamps being bent into place. Now really starting to show its shape.

And they're done.

All beveled and ready for bottom planking. My plan is for two layers of 3mm (1/8") okoume marine ply. The plywood will have to be somewhat "tortured" through the compound curves toward the bow. We'll see how that goes.

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