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Pro Vee Race Boat Plans
Page Nine
Cowling, Cockpit

The dashboard is fastened to the the coamings with 3/4" x 3/4" cleats. It is oriented 90 degrees to the downward sloping edge of the coaming.

My 1/2" plywood dash is 17.5" long (the distance between the coamings) and 9.5" wide overall with a two-inch crown. The steering shaft bearing is located 7" below the top of the crown -- put yours where it is most comfortable for you. I did not glue the dash in place in case future removal/repacement should be desired.

A small bulkhead is located approximately 17" forward of the dashboard. It has the exact same crown as the dash. Quarter-inch plywood is sufficient, glued in place or not, as you see fit. Besides helping to support the cowling cover, it also serves as a mount for the foward steering-shaft bearing.

Cleats, beveled to match the crown of the dash, are glued to the edges of the coaming.

I mounted my dash about one inch forward of the corner at the high point of the coaming. The cowling cover will extend all the way back to the high point, thus overhanging the dash. There is no structural or practical reason for this; I just like the resulting inset dashboard.

The bottom edge of the dash can be shaped however you like. It should be plenty high to clear you knees, even if cut straight across. But get in and sit down to make sure.

The cowling cover is cut from 1/8" (3mm) plywood. It is not glued on, but is removable to service the steering, wiring and other systems accessable here. I used eighteen #8 stainless steel panhead screws and flat washers to fasten the cover.

The width of the cover is determined by measuring across the top of the dash and/or bulkhead (mine is about 18.5"). Start out a bit wide and then trim it later while it is fastened in place.

My cover ended up 37.5" long overall. I suggest starting at least 40" long. The exact shape of the curved, forward end will have to be found by trial and error. Rough cut the curve, hold in place on the boat, remove more wood where needed, then test fit again, etc... until the cover lies as snugly as possible on the crown of deck. Then trim at the dashboard end to the cover's final length.

A trim piece along the edge of the coaming provides a finishing touch, but also serves to straighten, stiffen and protect the plywood from bulkhead four to the dashboard. I used 1/2" x 1" pine.

At this point, your basic hull is complete, ready for finishing and setup.

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