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Don Slomke builds a Dillon Laker SC12

Don is building his SC12 in West Virginia.

"I got a trailer, which I fashioned into a building table... I also modified it as shown to make it easier to rip the battens, sheer clamps and chines...."

"I have all the lumber and marine plywood I will need. As soon as I can make time for the water jet [a cutting machine], I will get all the bulkheads, etc. cut and away we go!"

"I got all my plywood pieces cut out with the water jet last week. It took about 30 minutes to cut all the the inner & outer bulkheads and the tunnel sides. I started the assembly today."

"I got the tunnel battens and outer bulkheads glued and screwed in place."

"I have the front 1/2 of the tunnel bottom cut out and I have started on the sponson battens."

"Well, after some seriously frigid weather, I finally got to do some more work on the boat."

"It is starting to come together and look more like a boat."

"I also purchased a motor (long shaft because short shaft motors 40hp & up are as scarce as 3 legged ballerinas). It is a 40hp Yamaha in real nice condition. There are also some serious performance parts available for this motor. Maybe next off season, I will do the work on the motor."

"I finished the sponsons today. I will drag a few friends over and flip her over to start on the topside."

"More progress (in the freezing cold, I might add)."

Turning the hull over is always a big step forward.

"Starting to look more like a race boat."

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