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Customers Report on Their Boatbuilding Projects

I ask all my boat plans customers to send reports and pictures of their projects as they build. Many have been kind enough to do so, and those projects are chronicled in the pages listed below. I offer these pages for their own sake, but also to demonstrate to potential buyers that boats are being built from my plans, all over the US and the world. Most of these builders are building their first boat.

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Jeff Talcott, Michigan, USA: Dillon Mini Tunnel (Video!)

Tony Fortuna, Minnesota, USA: Dillon Mini Vee

Tony Fortuna, Minnesota, USA: Dillon Pro Tunnel (Video!)

Randy Bearden, Michigan, USA: Dillon Mini Tunnel

Aaron Wachholz/Jeff Baker, Wyoming, MN: Pro Tunnel (modified)

Jeff Shirley, Illinois, USA: Dillon Mini Vee

Corbin Martin, Massachusetts, USA: Dillon Pro Tunnel

Luis Creitoff Rivera, Puerto Rico, USA: Dillon Mini Vee

Dana Stewart, Nova Scotia, Canada: Dillon Mini Vee

Brent Compton, Michigan, USA: Dillon Mini Vee (Video!)

Brendon Stanbury, New South Wales, Australia: Dillon Mini Vee

Todd Huber, Louisiana, USA: Dillon Pro Vee

Todd Huber, Louisiana, USA: Pro Tunnel

Tom Michelmore & Ben French, Devon, UK: Dillon Mini Vee

Jeff Perry, Pennsylvania, USA: Dillon Mini Vee (modified)

Rod Muller, South Australia: Dillon Mini Vee

Don Slomke, West Virginia, USA: Dillon Mini Vee (Video!)

Ralph Johnson, South Australia: Dillon Mini Vee

Justin Mahaney, Ontario, Canada: Dillon Pro Vee

Keith Drennon, South Carolina, USA: Dillon Mini Vee

Clint Wasserman, Australia: Dillon Sport C

Mike Schulz, Ohio, USA: Dillon Pro Tunnel

Roberto Boatto, Venice, Italy: Dillon Pro Tunnel (modified)

Ed Halvoren, South Carolina, USA: Dillon Pro Tunnel -- FOR SALE

Drew Walker, Doha, Qatar: Dillon Laker 14

Michael Brown, Saskatchewan, Canada: Dillon Laker 14

Rick Cejka, Washingon, USA: Dillon Pro Tunnel

Lucas Wilde, Washington, USA: Dillon Laker 14

Marshal Kipp, California, USA: Dillon Pro Vee

Wayne Holtzclaw, Florida, USA: Dillon Mini Vee

Joonas Kurkaa, Lappeenranta, Finland: Dillon Pro Vee

Dennis McGinnis, Texas, USA: Dillon Mini Tunnel

Mark Beckwith, North Carolina, USA: Dillon Mini Vee

Matt Giani, Alaska, USA: Dillon Mini Vee

Fabien Rougier, France: Dillon Pro Vee

Willie Wold, Oregon, USA: Dillon Mini Vee

SK Yeoh, China: Dillon Pro Tunnel

Ray Long, Maryland, USA: Dillon Mini Vee

Nick Wright, New South Wales, Australia: Dillon Mini Vee

Robert Konz, Virginia, USA: Dillon Pro Vee

David Patience, Missouri, USA: Dillon Pro Tunnel

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Dillon Laker 14

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Dillon Pro Tunnel

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Dillon Mini Tunnel

Dillon Pro Vee

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