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New Mini GT for 2006

The new Mini GT was launched for the first time April 15. Got on plane without a fuss. Promptly reached 42 mph downwind and 43-44 mph into a stiff breeze. I couldn't be more thrilled. Looking forward to making some adjustments and doing more testing.

    Basic Stats:
  • Length: 10.5'
  • Beam: 70"
  • Framing: oak and pine on plywood bulkheads
  • Sheathing: okoume marine plywood
  • Power: 25hp Evinrude

The bottom all framed up.

Ready to turn over.

Right side up!

The carpentry is done.

A bit of paint brings it all together....

Ready for rigging! Is it spring yet??

Finally, outside and on the trailer.

First test, April 15, 2006. Already 3-4 mph faster than the Tunnel Mite!

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