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The Dillon Mini Vee -- Rebuilding the Mini GT class

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Currently under construction; a new Dillon Mini Vee, for sale to any current or future APBA/TCPBA member who will finish and rig the boat and race it in Mini GT in 2010.

This Mini Vee will be sold as a bare hull, at a VERY reasonable price. All you have to do is complete the boat and come join the fun next summer.

Mini GT is a Sportman class raced only in Minnesota in events organized and run by the Twin City Powerboat Association. Tunnel boats and v-bottoms are allowed, powered by two-cylinder, two-stroke, 25hp Johnson or Evinrude fishing motors with aluminum propellers. It doesn't get any simpler or less expensive than Mini GT.

Back in the spring of 2008, as the racing season was about to begin, it became clear that there were only three drivers ready to race in Mini GT. Furthermore, one of those drivers expected to miss several races, leaving the other two stranded on the beach (three boats minimum for an official race). So, they all upgraded their boats to GT Pro. That was good for GTP. But it left MGT, recently our biggest class, without any members.

In an effort to bring back the class, the Twin City Powerboat Association board in 2009 voted to add one homebuilt design to Mini GT, to race along with the production molded boats already allowed. That design is the Dillon Mini Vee.

To support that change, I pledged to build three new Mini Vees. The first was built in the spring of 2009 and was raced in GT Pro that summer. The second was built in the fall of 2009 and was sold to Korgen Halver as a bare hull. The third boat is under construction right now and needs a buyer, and the price is extremely reasonable.

The 'new' Dillon Mini Vee

These new Dillon Mini Vees feature a couple of notable changes from the original hull built in 2006. One, I have eliminated the built-in setback featured in the original. Two, I have raised the dashboard and coaming to give the driver increased protection -- and as a result have given the cockpit a distinct new profile.

Currently two Mini Vees, including the original hull, are ready to race, and a third is being finished and rigged. This latest boat would make it four. Plus, there is a Bobcat tunnel boat being prepared by a club member. He has not decided if the boat will be rigged for Mini GT or GT Pro.

Any way you slice it, Mini GT will be back in 2010.

See details of a Mini Vee under construction on the following pages: [Page One] , [Page Two]

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