Dillon Racing Build Your Own Raceboat

Race Reports

  • 2006: Ten Mini GT races, all of them involving the Dillon Mini; four of them also including the Dillon Mini Vee; one race including the Tunnel Mite. Guest drivers: Dave Halver, Tyler Kuhl and Dominick Kuhl.

  • 2007: Seven GT Pro races involving both the Dillon Mini and Dillon Mini Vee. Also four Mini GT races in the Mini Vee. Guest drivers in the Dillon Mini: Dave Halver, Gary Johnson, Dominick Kuhl, Denise Talcott and Tyler Welch.

  • 2008: GT Pro's first "real" season, with a total fleet of nine boats, four of them Dillon-designed.

  • 2009: GT Pro is back again, with a new Mini Vee in the pack and the introduction of the Dillon Pro Tunnel.