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Racing Boat Plans

Build Your Own High-Performance Tunnelboat or V-bottom

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Sport C racing tunnel boat
Sport C Tunnel

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Laker 14 Tunnel racing tunnel boat
Laker 14

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Laker SC12 racing tunnel boat
Laker SC12

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Pro Tunnel racing tunnel boat
Pro Tunnel

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EZ Tunnel racing tunnel boat
EZ Tunnel

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Mini Vee v-bottom raceboat
Mini Vee

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Pro Vee v-bottom racing boat
Pro Vee

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Mini Tunnel racing tunnel boat
Mini Tunnel

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If you are looking for boat plans for a small, high-performance boat that you can build and drive, then you've come to the right place. Whether you want to race or just go fast or are looking for a fun boatbuilding project, one of my designs may be just right for you.

All of my designs have been built, tested and raced in American Powerboat Association sactioned races.

All of my plans include step-by-step building instructions, which you can view BEFORE you purchase.

Two ways to get your boat plans -- by instant download (free shipping) or postal mail. Start your boatbuilding project today!

I am now offering boat plans for SIX high-performance boats, displayed above. Please follow the links under the photos to make a purchase, or to find further information about the individual designs, including VIDEO from APBA races. Or, take a look at the comparison table of all my designs to help you choose the boat that best meets your needs.

These are NOT kneel-down boats.
The driver sits in a seat, safely tucked between tall coamings. A foot-operated
throttle allows two hands on the wheel at all times.

All five designs have podium finishes in our GT Pro sportman class. Furthermore, the Dillon Mini Vee currently dominates our Mini GT class, and in fact is the ONLY homebuilt boat approved for racing in Mini GT.

VIDEO: See my boats in APBA-sanctioned racing action.

More specific boat plans information on the Tunnelboat Page or the V-Bottom Page.

See also my Composite Cockpit Plans. Ideal for your tunnelboat project.

See also my Jack Plate Plans. For motors up to 40 hp.

See Dillon Racing Home for more of everything.

Mini GT

Mini GT is a very simple class which uses 25hp fishing motors with aluminum propellers to achieve speeds around 40 mph. After a two year absence, Mini GT came back in 2010 based on the Dillon Mini Vee, the ONLY homebuilt boat approved for this class.
More information HERE

GT Pro

GT Pro is natural progression from Mini GT, and is also a great place to start racing. GTP steps up to 35hp motors, allows the use of hydraulic trim and has no limits on propellers. Speeds are ranging ever closer to the 50 mph mark. The Mini Tunnel and Pro Tunnel are ideal boats for GT Pro.
More information HERE

Sport C

Sport C is a national OPC class which utilizes the two-cylinder, 40hp Nissan or Tohatsu to power tunnel boats approximately twelve feet long. These boats achieve speeds approaching 60 mph. I believe the Pro Tunnel could work for this class, although you would need to install a reinforced cockpit or a capsule.
More information HERE

Racing into the sunset? The Sport GT leads the way, with Steph Hansen (Racemaster) in hot pursuit, and Tony Fortuna (Mini Vee) coming on.
Steph would eventually prevail and win the race -- and tighten her grip on the highpoints championship. --- Photo from Tony Fortuna.

"I just wanted to say I am having a tremendous amount of fun building this boat"
Robert K., Williamsburg, VA USA, building a Pro Vee