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Sport C Powerboat Racing

Sport C racing at the OPC Nationals, Kankakee, IL

Sport C is a national powerboat racing class in the Outboard Performance Craft (OPC) category of the American Powerboat Association (APBA).

It is very similar to 550cc Supersports Class which is raced in Australia, and the S550 or Formula ADAC class raced in Europe.

Power: 40hp Nissan/Tohatsu
Boat: Tunnel or V-bottom, 8' min.
Min. Age: 14 years old -- Sport C rules
Dillon Sport C -- Dillon Laker SC12

Several hull types and motors are approved for Sport C, but the typical rig is a 12-foot long tunnel boat powered by a 40hp Nissan or Tohatsu. Top competitors in Sport C race at speeds of 58-59 mph.

Boats raced in Sport C are required to have a reinforced cockpit or a capsule.

Most Sport C racing takes place in Minnesota and California, but there a few more racers from other parts of the country, including Missouri and Florida. Sport C racers meet annually at the OPC Nationals in Kankakee, IL, to participate in the championship races held there.

After several years of trying to break into Sport C, 2011 is the year I finally got it done. For 2012 I've got an entirely new boat, the Dillon Sport C, seen below in Detroit Lakes, MN. You can follow with the 2012 build HERE. My Sport C trials and tribulations are chronicled HERE.

Plans are available for the Dillon Sport C.

The Dillon Pro Tunnel, though a little smaller than the average Sport C boat, could conceivably be used for this class. A proper cockpit (not part of the plans) would have to be built/installed.

See also: Mini GT and GT Pro

Local powerboat racing is a family-oriented motorsport where friends get together to share a passion. Racers are always ready to share advice, tools, equipment or muscle, and help their fellow racers get the most out of their rigs. We save the competition for the races themselves.

If you are interested in becoming a powerboat racer, or want to know more about powerboat racing in general, please feel free to contact me with your questions, or go to the TCPBA website.

Sport C racing in Crosby, MN, 2012 National Championships, Kankakee, IL, 2006

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Sport C Rules

  • Max. Total Cu. In. Displacement: 35.00 CI
  • Min. Boat Length: 8 feet (14’ Max.)
  • Min. Boat Weight: 675 Lbs.
    Sport C Boat Standards
  • 1) Trim tabs or afterplanes are allowed, and may be adjustable while the boat is underway; however, hydrofoils shall not be permitted.
  • 2) Power trim and/or adjustable spoilers shall be allowed in Sport classes.
  • 3) Boat must be of vee, flatbottom, modified vee, or tunnel design; no hydros. The boat must be at least 48.0 inches wide.
  • 4) Driver must be seated in a seat.
  • 5) Running surfaces may be altered.
  • 6) Factory or non-factory turn fins or skegs are allowed.
  • 7) Transom adapters for raising, lowering or extending the engine will be allowed, but must be fixed while underway.
    Sport C Motor Standards
  • 1) Super Stock and Altered engines are not eligible in OPC Sport classes.
  • 2) Engine cowling must be in place during race. If cowling or engine is repainted it must be repainted to original colors to retain product identification.
  • 3) Tiller arms may be removed.
  • 4) Any reed material will be acceptable.
  • 5) Gearcases’ outside surfaces may be contoured, but must meet production specifications.
  • 6) Solid or pinned motor mounts allowed.
  • 7) The skeg may be sharpened to a 1/32 radius and the wear plate removed.
  • 8) Sport C engines may have a substitution of a maximum of 2 sleeves of any manufacturer with original porting specifications and the same material will be allowed for the repair of damaged cylinders.
  • 9) Grinding is permitted to match block casting to the ports/liner. No grinding is permitted beyond 5/8 inch past the liner into the casting of the block. All OPC Technical Specifications must be maintained
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