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Construction of the Dillon Pro Vee

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The rigging has been installed (at least roughly) and then removed. Now it's time to paint the deck. Here's the first coat of primer.

What happened to spring?

April 7, 2008: I thought this would be the week to roll out the Pro Vee and start getting it ready for testing. But winter had a curtain call to make.

Meantime, I balanced the boat on a bathroom scale and came up with an empty hull weight of about 200 lbs. When I add up everything else that will go into the boat (including me) I come up with 630 lbs. Minimum weight for GT Pro is 650 lbs., so things look really good. There will probably be some more weight that I've failed to account for, and ballast will make up the rest, if needed.

Two weeks later than expected, but out of the shop at last. And, oh yes, it is on fire!!

Engine is on, starting to hook it all up.

Steering hooked up, the front cowling screwed on. The trim pump is not installed yet.

And the lakes are still frozen on the 20th of April, the date I associate with average ice-out.

April 23: Still waiting for the ice to go out.

Oh, come on!!! Can't a guy get a break?

April 26, 2008: I just shoveled six inches of snow off the deck, and it's still coming down. And, of course, the lakes are still frozen.

Where's that global warming they keep promising?

May 6, 2008: In the water at last! Not thrilled with the performance just yet -- a bit light in the bow, prone to porpoise leading to chinewalk. But I'll work on that.

Too much weight aft lead to porpoising and chinewalk. So, moving the battery forward just ahead of the throttle. I'm adding some ballast at the same time -- my calculation is that I need 20 or 30 lbs. to make racing weight.

Race ready (!?). Well, we'll soon find out.

Further reports on the Dillon Pro Vee will be found in the 2008 Race Results, which will be available here soon.

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