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Construction of the Dillon Pro Vee

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The racing season arrives and proceeds along. Here's the Pro Vee in the pits in Crosby, MN.

Getting lined up for a start. The red #243 boat is my old Dillon Mini, now owned by Don Yuranich.

The Pro Vee gets a good start, side-by-side with Tyler Welch's #7 Dillon Mini.

Going head to head with Stephanie Hansen in her Racemaster. Stephanie went on to win this race, in front of her hometown crowd.

The Pro Vee leads, and goes on to win, this heat. A good season at this point: six races; one win; only one finish off the podium, due to a mechanical failure. I think I lead in points at this time.

Nevertheless, I wasn't quite satisfied. Too much porpoise and chinewalk lead me to shift lots of weight forward. Some experimenting suggested I had built in too much setback, so I decided to do some corrective surgery. I also refinished the bottom at this time, mostly to fix some deteriorating spar varnish on the pad -- it didn't like sitting on wet carpeting all the time.

Results: a two mph gain. Not much, but I'll take it.

Two races are left to round out the 2008 season. We'll see if my work pays off.

Little Falls, MN, September 20-21. Final two races of 2008.

The Pro Vee won all four heats.

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