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Luis Creitoff Rivera builds a Dillon Mini Vee

Luis is building his Mini Vee in Puerto Rico.

Here he gets a little help lining up the bulkheads.

Then the real work commenced leading to installation of the bottom. Looks like some very neat, straight boatbuilding going on here.

Turned right-side-up and the deck installed. The low, cut-out coaming looks like a kneel-down setup.

Close look at the dashboard.

Looks like a layer of fiberglass (see untrimmed edges along the coaming).

Trying the motor on for size.

"In the process of painting," Luis reports on Facebook.

"Después De Pintado" : [After painting]

Evidently Luis integrated the motorboard with the transom, then angled the entire structure. Not as simple to do as some may think, but looks like Luis pulled it off nicely.

Another view.

A nice suit of graphics really make the raceboat.

Looks like it's ready to race.

On the water.

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