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Twin City Powerboat Association

OPC Racing in Minnesota -- APBA Region 8

The Twin City Powerboat Association (TCPBA) is a local boat racing club affiliated with the American Powerboat Association (APBA). We are located in Minnesota, USA, which is in APBA Region 8. We race most of the OPC classes, including three "Sportsman" classes which were created by TCPBA and are only raced here.

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Contact Me if you would like to become involved.

More Info. at tcpba.org.

WANTED: Racers, Spectators, Sponsors, Officials, Volunteers, Promoters and Race Site

TCPBA 2018 Race Schedule
July 14-15
Forest Lake, MN8th annual Ron Baker Sr. Memorial Regatta (map)
N. American Championships: SST60, SST200 and Formula 150
Start time: 4pm Sat, 3pm Sun
July 28-29Crosby, MNon Serpent Lake (map)
Start time: noon both days
August 11-12Detroit Lakes, MN11th Annual "Quake the Lake"
in front of Zorbaz on Little Detroit Lake
Start time: noon both days

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TCPBA Racing Classes
ClassDescriptionSpeedMin Age
Mini GT25hp Johnson/Evinrude on tunnel or vee, aluminum propellor40-43 mph10yo
GT Pro25/30/35hp Johnson/Evinrude on tunnel or vee, any propeller45-50 mph10yo
Sport C40hp Nissan/Tohatsu, 12-foot tunnelboat, reinforced cockpit or capsule55-59 mph14yo
Hobby Stock49 cu. in. 70hp longshaft on production v-bottom~50 mph16yo
VP7549 cu. in. 75hp longshaft on production v-bottom50-55 mph16yo
Formula V115 cu. in. on production v-bottom with capsule or cage~70 mph16yo
SST 6056 cu. in. SST-60 racing engine on 14' tunnelboat w/ capsule~80 mph16yo
SST 1202.0L V6 Mercury racing motor on 16' tunnelboat w/ capsule~110 mph18yo
SST 2002.5L V6 Mercury OptiMax racing motor on 16' tunnelboat w/ capsule~115 mph18yo
Formula 1502.0L to 2.7L V6 Mercury racing motor on 16' tunnelboat w/ capsule~120 mph18yo





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