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Bob's Boatbuilding Projects

These are the boats I have built, rebuilt, or hope to build, over the past ten years or so.

Laker SC12 Tunnelboat

Laker 14 Tunnelboat

Sport C Rebuild

Dillon Sport C

Dillon Sport GT

  • My first Sport C project: Originally built with a composite cockpit for Sport C class racing.
  • Reinventing the Sport GT: Since the original Sport C configuration didn't work out, I reinvented the Sport GT for GT Pro.
  • Sport C again: The GT Pro version worked well, now it's back to Sport C for another try.
  • Plans Not Yet Available

Dillon EZ Tunnel (For Sale)

Dillon Pro Tunnel

Dillon Mini Vee (For Sale)

Dillon Mini Tunnel

Dillon Pro Vee

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