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The Original Laker 14: 14-foot tunnel boat with 70hp Mercury outboard (with tilt/trim), stainless racing prop, Tinytach tachometer, manual jackplate and trailer. Runs 55-56 mph.

I built this boat in 2014 as a prototype to test my "Laker 14" design. (Plans available HERE)

This boat is built from exterior grade, waterproof plywood. The bottom is finished with 3-4 coats of epoxy resin; the rest is painted with oil-based Rustoleum paint. The paint is a bit tired, and there are a few dings that should be repaired.

Engine is a 1978, 70hp, Merc 700. Runs very well. Prop is an 11 x 18 semi-cleaver from Signature, a propeller maker in Los Angeles, CA.

Throttle is foot operated. Steering is cable and steering arms. The steering arms make it impossible to put the cover on the motor, but the cover is included and could be modified to fit.

There is a back seat, which is not currently installed in the boat, but is included in the sale.

This boat, as stated, has only a few coats of epoxy on the bottom. No part of the boat is fiberglass coated. It was never intended to remain in the water for extended periods. Like a raceboat, you launch it, play with it, then put it back on the trailer.

Boat was tested this spring (5/25/17) and everything worked as it should.

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