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TCPBA -- Twin City Powerboat Association: This is the principal racing club in APBA Region 8 -- Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri. TCPBA organizes several racing events each summer, including approximately ten races. New racers, and other members, are always heartily welcomed.

OPC -- Outboard Performance Craft: Outboard racing from 40 mph to 140 mph. The home of tunnelboat and v-bottom racing in the USA.

APBA -- American Powerboat Association: The largest governing body for powerboat racing in the United States.

USF1 Powerboat Tour: Formula One, Formula Two and Formula Lights racing around the country.

Powerboat Nationals: Experience the thrills of breath-taking and heart pounding Championship Powerboat Racing in a city near you.

APR Superleague: The hottest race boats in the world unleash full-bore exhilaration during professional powerboat racing -- Superleague style.


Boat Racing Facts: A forum created by Ron Hill and Ted March, dedicated to powerboat racing, yesterday and today

Mini Boat Madness: "Thank you for finding your way to the only forum committed to mini boats."

Scream and Fly: An online magazine dedicated to high performance powerboating, both racing and non-racing. They have a very large and busy forum.

HydroRacer.net: Those of us who race sitting down call them "kneel-down boats" or "knee jockeys." This site is mostly about stock, mod and PRO outboard racing. A couple of our club races include some of these guys, and they always put on a good show. High speeds in little slivers of boats.

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AeroMarine Research: "Powerboat Performance Secrets and Design Details." Including TBDP, the Tunnel Boat Design Program.

Jamestown Distr.: Indexed table of how-to boatbuilding topics


Tabara Racing: "Tabara Racing has been in the racing business for nearly 30 years and won many divisional, regional, national, and world championships."

McCauley & Son Outboard Services: "We rework and produce winning racing props, especially for OPC classes Formula 1, SST-60, and SST-45. We also collect and rebuild Evinrude and Johnson two-stroke outboard motors and offer a few for sale."

Collector Boats: This site is dedicated to the vintage / classic boat and High Performance boat collector. We specialize in hard to find fiberglass boats, Outboard Motors, Propellers, rigging, Parts and accessories from the 1950s through the 1980s.

NSBRA: Nova Scotia Boat Racers Association

New Zealand Power Boat Association: "Here in NZ we race many types of craft on oval or triangular left hand turn tracks which range in overall length of between 1 and 2 kilometers. Our courses are on New Zealandís many inland waterways, lakes, rivers and sheltered harbour's."

Racing in Ukraine: You can read a translated version of this site HERE. This site paints a picture of grass-roots boat racing with a lot of homebuilt boats and local fun. Photo Album

F1 Powerboat Racing: Formula One UIM World Championship

Skip Hagerman's Antique Boat & Motor Mania: Says Mr. Hagerman: " This site is dedicated to my Dad, and all those guys, young and old, that have a desire to go fast, get wet, and have a good time with an old outboard. Thanks Carl Kiekhaefer, you created a generation (or two) of boating enthusiasts. And thanks to John Schubert for all the racing history I missed!

Boatbuilding, Design & Plans

Boat Design Net - boat design & boat building directory Boat Design Net

BoatPlan.net: Boat plan net, information, links and pictures of boats

the boatbuilding.community: Boat building, design and repair.

BoatingLinks.com: Web Directory, find what you're looking for!

Buy and Sell Boats: Buy and Sell Boats provides one of the largest by owner sites on the internet for selling and buying boats.

Simplicity Boats: "This site is my attempt to offer some inspiration and information, for it was a hand full of inspired amateurs who most encouraged me to take the plunge and build my first boat. If you've been toying with the idea of building a boat, don't wait. DO IT NOW!" David Beede

John's Nautical & Boatbuilding Page: Including "The Mother of All Maritime Links" and much, much more.

Duckworks Boat Plan Index: Plans for "Fast Powerboats" from 8' to 32'

Duckworks Magazine: An online boating magazine.

Boat Owner's World: Listing of Thousands of Marine - Boating Websites World Wide

Just For Fun

Grog's Animated Boating Knots:

Other Stuff

Pit Products: Manufacturer of high quality trailer accessories and race trailer storage solutions.

Sign Specialist: Design your own lettering with their online tools, review your graphics then place your order. You'll love the prices and the fast service.

Bob Dillon Windsor Chairs: When I can tear myself away from my racing boats, I earn a livelihood handmaking reproduction Windsor chairs in my home-based shop near Hackensack, MN.

Big Red Acres: Big Red Acres is an alpaca farm in Andover, Massachusetts.

Dillon Racing Stuff: T-shirts, sweatshirts, and more....
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