Dillon Mini Tunnel
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Before starting construction of your Dillon Mini tunnel boat, I strongly suggest you review these notes to fully familiarize yourself with the entire building process.

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Page One -- frames, transom and stem
Page Two -- the building jig
Page Three -- setting up
Page Four -- tunnel battens
Page Five -- sheer clamps
Page Six -- sponson keel and tunnel side stringer
Page Seven -- chines
Page Eight -- beveling the sponsons
Page Nine -- tunnel sides & transom sheathing
Page Ten -- tunnel plank & spray rail
Page Eleven -- sponson side & spray rails
Page Twelve -- sponson pads
Page Thirteen -- turn over, trim clamps
Page Fourteen -- deck stringers
Page Fifteen -- carlins
Page Sixteen -- deck battens
Page Seventeen -- topsides & flotation
Page Eighteen -- deck & coaming
Page Nineteen -- front cowling
Page Twenty -- motor board
Page Twenty-one -- trim
Page Twenty-two -- finishing
Page Twenty-three -- notes on rigging